Kudos to East Isles resident Harvey Ettinger whose letters and phone calls, as well as an Open Time speech to the Park Board, brought attention to the severity of the deterioration of Lake of the Isles Parkway. The following Park Watch post is excerpted from a longer article by Council Member Lisa Goodman that appeared in the April 19, 2008, issue of the Hill & Lake Press.


From Seventh Ward Council Member Lisa Goodman

Given that we seem to have a path to success for renovation of the parkway in 2009, I thought I would share our progress with you now.

The work on LOI Parkway is being proposed as an extensive renovation with a full 7 inch grinding down of the roadbed, select curb and gutter work and completely new surface; this work is estimated to last for 29 years. Routine renovation work mills to 2 inches but due to the use of this roadway a more extensive process is being recommended.

This project was included in the City Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for 2009 at $500,000, 2010 at $500,000, and 2011 at $600,000 because it will take three years to accumulate all of the funding required from the net debt bonding program under the line item parkway paving, to cover the $1.6 million dollar cost from this source. The total project cost is just under 2 million as about 10-15% of the total project cost is assessed, just like all reconstruction projects, to adjacent property owners. In this case there is only one side of the road to assess as the park system “owns” the lake side and we can’t assess that.

Public Works WANTS to do this project in 2009 and is looking for a way to “front end” the project due to the horrific condition of the roadway. City crews have been out patching LOI Parkway 12 times already this winter and will have to continue to do so all season long in 2008 as well. There is a cost to this work and the cost benefit is clear that doing the reconstruction work in 2009 makes more sense than 2011.

Public Works will make a recommendation to CLIC, the citizen board that makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council about capital request from departments, to front end the work and do most if not all of it in 2009. This does not mean CLIC will make that recommendation or that the Mayor and City Council will adopt that in the 2009 budget. However, I am optimistic that this can and will be resolved given the condition of the roadway, the cost benefit to doing the work in 2009, the strong support from the public works director and department, and the commitment from the Park Board that this will be the priority for parkway paving for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Please know public works and city finance staff along with park staff and Park Board President Tom Nordyke have all been very positive, proactive, and helpful. I understand from staff the Mayor and his office support the plan to reconstruct the parkway in 2009 and pay over the three years as well rather than issue bonds over three years and do the work in 2011.

Many thanks for your patience with the condition of the Parkway as we collectively recover from the lake and park flooding and resulting deterioration of the roadway.

Lisa Goodman

post by Arlene Fried co-founder Park Watch
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