City Council to Vote on Artificial Turf for DeLaSalle

Backers of an Athletic Facility to be shared by DeLaSalle and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) on Nicollet Island will be surprised to learn that artificial turf is one last vote away from covering that field.

Two previous Council votes and an Appeals Court ruling had affirmed the choice of natural turf. This requirement was based on the location within the regional park system and the St. Anthony Falls Historic District.

After three years, the MPRB suddenly claims the natural turf won’t stand up to the wear and tear. So they’ve picked this island in the middle of the Mississippi River to hold artificial turf set on tons of finely-shredded particles of recyled tires. On Thursday, the City Council will vote on whether a project that was “sold” as creating more green space will make its choice “plastic.”

If you think natural turf is the natural choice, your council representative needs to hear from you immediately.

Posted on behalf of Christine Viken