At the Park Board’s Legislative Breakfast on Friday, February 8, 2008, Brian Rice discussed the following capital projects, which are the Park Board’s bonding priorities for this Legislative session:

1. Grand Rounds Scenic Byway–$10,000,000 + $2,000,000.
Includes the missing link and relighting.

2. Regional Park Playgrounds–$2,000,000
The targeted regional parks to get new equipment are Lakes Calhoun, Harriet, Nokomis and Theodore Wirth; Boom Island and Minnehaha Park.

3. Father Hennepin Regional Park–$1,000,000.
Begin the rehabilitation of this historic park including trails, picnic area, lighting, signage, stairs, bluff and slope stabilization.

4. Theodore Wirth Regional Park–$5,000,000.
Continue Winter Recreation Area redevelopment to include tubing, XC skiing, and snow boarding. Also continue development of JD Rivers Children’s Garden.

5. Health & Wellness Centers–$2,700,000
Build three 3,000 square foot additions to existing community recreation centers to provide a response to the obesity crisis.