Everything Old is New Again

At the Park Board’s Annual Meeting not much changes from 2006 to 2007. To make it easy on myself I have copied last years appointment list. The names in ALL CAPITALS are the changes for this year. There was no presentation on MPRB history by Commissioner Young this year but the boardroom itself has been spruced up, repainted, pictures and plaques and awards abound and there is even a trophy case on one wall ( not visible on air).

Happy New Year….

Seated left to right on the dais were Commissioners Nordyke, Young, Vreeland, Nordstrom, Olson, Fine, Merrill Anderson, Dziedzic and Kummer. In a unanimous vote Jon Olson was elected President and Tracy Nordstrom Vice President. Don Siggelkow was reappointed as Secretary to the Board and Brian Rice was contracted as the attorney to the board for another year.

Commissioner Nordyke CONTINUES to serve OUT HIS TWO YEAR TERM on the Planning Commission and the President’s appointments to various boards were as follows…

Board of Estimate and Taxation… Commissioner Fine
NRP Board… PRESIDENT OLSON, alt Commissioner Nordstrom
St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board Commissioners Fine and Dziedzic with Commissioner Merrill Anderson filling President Olson’s slot
Youth Coordinating Board.. Commissioner Dziedzic
Minneapolis Institute of Arts Board… Commissioner Merrill Anderson
Public Art Design Advisory Panel… Commissioner Nordstrom
Water Quality Task Force Commissioners Kummer and Nordyke
Middle Mississippi Watershed Management Organization… Commissioner Vreeland, alt Commissioner FINE
John H. Stevens House Organization… Commissioner Vreeland
Midtown Community Works Partnership… Commissioner Nordstrom
Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee… Commissioner Young
Blue Water Association … Commissioner Young, alt Commissioner Vreeland
Foundation for Minneapolis Parks… Commissioner Nordyke
Minneapolis Tree Advisory Committee… Commissioner Nordstrom
and Minnehaha Creek Visioning… Commissioner Fine

Standing Committees…

Chair Commissioner Fine
Vice Chair Commissioner YOUNG
Commissioners Dziedzic, KUMMER and VREELAND

Administration and Finance
Chair Commissioner Merrill Anderson
Vice Chair Commissioner Nordyke
Commissioners Kummer, Vreeland and Fine

Chair Commissioner Dziedzic
Vice Chair Commissioner Merrill Anderson
Commissioners Kummer, Vreeland and Fine

Operations and Environment
Chair Commissioner Vreeland
Vice Chair Commissioner Young
Commissioners Dziedzic, NORDYKE and Fine

Legislation and Inter-Governmental
Chair Commissioner Kummer
Vice Chair Commissioner Nordyke
Commissioners Nordstrom, Merrill Anderson and DZIEDZIC

Committee on Standards and Conduct
Chair Commissioner Young
Commissioners Merrill Anderson and Fine