The first regularly scheduled Park Board meeting of 2007 will be on Wednesday, January 3, at 5 p.m. at Park Board Headquarters. The agenda should be posted on January 2 on the Park Board’s website at Park Board Agendas

On Tuesday, January 2, at 5 p.m. the Park Board’s annual meeting will be held at Park Board Headquarters. The annual meeting is when Park Board officers and Park Board committee appointments, as well as a number of other appointments, are announced.

The appointments to watch are the appointments for board officers as well as for the two most powerful Park Board committees–Planning and Administration & Finance.


  1. Liz Wielinski Post author

    I am keenly interested in seeing who the new officers are and who is on what committees. If the Park Board has truly turned over a new leaf I would expect to see the chairs of the powerful committees be someone outside of the usual suspects ( Fine, Merrill Anderson, Olson, Kummer and Dziedzic). After all Commissioners Nordstrom and Vreeland are doing most of the heavy lifting with staff on the Comprhensive Plan, shouldn’t one of them chair the Planning Committee for 2007? I guess we can all see how things stack up on January 2nd after the annual meeting and election of officers. Maybe just once I will be happily surprised.

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