Star Tribune: Deer flees city policeman's gunfire

Several residents have raised questions since a park police officer shot at an injured deer hanging around on Nicollet Island.

Story by David Chanen, Star Tribune

» When a Minneapolis park police officer pumped three shots into a densely wooded area on Nicollet Island on Wednesday afternoon, several startled residents assumed he was taking down a dangerous criminal.

They soon learned he was only after an injured buck that had been roaming the island for the past month. But as the officer approached the deer, it leapt up and jumped over a garden as it ran away. «

The river is a major wildlife corridor and all types of animals wander by.

One Nicollet Island resident said: “Most recently we had a wounded deer that had taken refuge. My neighbors had called various wildlife organizations and found the best way to care for it was to make sure that it had a place that it could feel safe, and plenty to eat and drink. My neighbors have been caring for it, until it could recover.”

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