Star Tribune Letters: Park Board Plays with Taxpayer Money

This particular taxpayer is not happy:

Regarding the Jan. 17 article “Skateboard project falls flat”: Have Minneapolis parks commissioners collectively lost their minds? In the real world there would be consequences for losing $900,000 on the job. The entire board should be fired! I’m sure the public will accept any resignations with pleasure.

I don’t know how “star struck” the board could be by a big name that they totally lose all basic common sense to negotiate and maintain a contract. Doesn’t the board consult with lawyers on staff? Well, I guess it’s only money for a kids’ skateboard park, maybe nobody will notice. Oops, sorry. What does it take to get elected officials to be accountable for the taxpayers money they carelessly squander? As far as I know, we just don’t pick the money off of the park’s trees.


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