On November 8, Vote for a Better Park Board!

Next Tuesday, remember to vote. Make your voice heard to demand the better Park Board we deserve.

Park Watch enthusiastically endorses the following candidates who are capable of working together to identify and find solutions for the Park Board’s existing problems:

  • District 1: LuAnn Wilcox
  • District 2: no endorsement
  • District 3: Scott Vreeland
  • District 4: Tracy Nordstrom
  • District 5: Jason Stone
  • District 6: Jim Bernstein
  • At-large (city wide): Rochelle Berry Graves
  • At-large (city wide): Tom Nordyke
  • At-large (city wide): Annie Young

These candidates are also endorsed by the the Sierra Club.

Find your Park District using this official Adobe Acrobat PDF map and your polling place at this link.

Park Watch’s endorsement announcement can be found here.

More campaign-related information.