Star Tribune: DeLaSalle 750-seat stadium wins recommendation

« DeLaSalle High School should be allowed to build a 750-seat football stadium on historic Nicollet Island, a citizens advisory panel has narrowly decided.

The panel appointed by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board approved the plan late Tuesday on a 10-8 vote. But that is far from the last word on a hotly contested proposal for a prime site facing downtown Minneapolis along the Mississippi River.

On Oct. 19, the board’s planning committee will conduct a public hearing that will include a presentation from Bert McKasy, chairman of the advisory panel.

The committee could then move the proposal to the entire board, but a final decision cannot be made until the city completes an environmental assessment of the site. If the assessment drags into next year, an entirely new board could be voting on the proposal. All nine board seats are up for election on Nov. 8. »

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1 thought on “Star Tribune: DeLaSalle 750-seat stadium wins recommendation

  1. Liz Wielinski Post author

    The CAC has done the majority of citizens of Minneapolis a disservice by approving this Reciprocal Use Agreement. Why DeLaSalle can come back time and time again to ask for more ( they already had the city vacate part of the Grove street right of way for their former field and then built a bigger gymnasium on half of the property) just because they want MORE. Sometimes you have to make chioces but DeLaSalle is egotistical enough to think they can have it all… an Urban school with a suburban campus. The true costs are already adding up. The MPRB attorney attended every moment of the CAC and his time is not free. Just imagine what we will be paying for if the ACLU gets involved and the constitutionality if this is questioned. Kiss all your park center hours and field and building improvements goodbye.

    p.s. Any word on when they are going to start the ST. Anthony Parkway CAC. The neighborhoods along the route still haven’t heard a thing.

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