Bob Fine's Unlawful Campaign Sign

photo of sign

Wednesday evening, September 14, Scott Neiman and Bob Fine’s son Andy were spotted installing a campaign yard sign for Bob Fine on city property. They placed this sign on the city-owned boulevard at 4001 Linden Hills Boulevard.

Scott Neiman is a former Park Board commissioner; he should know the location of the sign was unlawful.

2 thoughts on “Bob Fine's Unlawful Campaign Sign

  1. anony

    All I have to say is the most dirt you can come up with on Fine is that he puts his signs in the wrong spot you better stop wasting yours and our time.

  2. Chris Post author

    We have been criticizing Bob Fine for over 20 months on specific, substantive errors in judgement and policy. Our focus has been spent on informing the public, and demanding openness and accountability on how our millions of tax dollars are spent.

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