City Pages: Marie Hauser's Dirty Campaign Tactics Against Jeff Hayden

In Britt Robson’s blog at The Blotter, he writes:

« Jeff Hayden doesn’t want to come off like a sore loser, although he did lose and he’s plenty sore about at least one aspect of the experience. “The people spoke, and I am not using this as an excuse,” says Hayden, who finished third behind Marie Hauser and Elizabeth Glidden in the September 13 primary election for Minneapolis City Council in the 8th Ward.

What has Hayden steamed is a piece of literature put out by the Hauser campaign, featuring three smiling faces and a message urging residents to vote “for Your 8th Ward Team.” The black face right beside Hauser’s white face belongs to Mary Merrill Anderson, a candidate for the Minneapolis Park Board. Hayden has two problems with that. One, Anderson never approved or endorsed this show of sisterhood with Hauser. Two, Anderson happens to be Hayden’s aunt.»

Minneapolis city DFL chair-elect, makes an interesting clarifying comment to the blog, saying:

«It’s interesting to note Hauser’s comment that the piece included “DFL candidates endorsed by labor” because that’s not as simple as it sounds. One other at-large candidate who identifies as a DFLer has also received labor endorsement–Rochelle Berry Graves received the Teamsters/DRIVE endorsement. It is also important to note that only two of the three candidates on Hauser’s piece have actually received the DFL endorsement–Dan Froehlich expressed interest in seeking the DFL endorsement after the primary, but Tom Nordyke and Mary Merrill Anderson are the only two at-large candidates endorsed by the DFL.»

It has been verified with Hauser that Tom Nordyke did not give his permission to use his name and face on her literature.

As Eva Young points out in a comment, this seems to be a dirty trick on the part of the Hauser campaign, designed to draw the black and gay vote by inferring support from two other candidates who did not volunteer such support. It further misleads the voter into thinking that Dan Froehlich is DFL endorsed when he is not.