Lake Calhoun Event Center Alert

It is expected that the Park Board will be either considering or acting on a proposal for a building on the south shore (across from the archery range) of Lake Calhoun at either the June 1 or June 15 Park Board meeting.

The original proposal presented by the Calhoun Yacht Club (CYC) — Sailing School was for a 40 foot high structure with event center and three additional retail spaces.

Commissioner Bob Fine has indicated support for this project, which has been opposed by those who feel it will have a negative impact on the lake and the park.

The following is a statement by Marissa Lasky for the Windsurfing Association:

“We, the Windsurfing Association, are concerned about the CYC-Sailing School’s proposed facility and move of their 100 to 140+ buoys and dock and hard surface launch, and overtaking of the parking lot of the South Beach, for the purpose of a ‘Sailing Village,’ and 3 retail spots. We see this as exclusionary to windsurfing, and certainly swimming and other existing recreations in that area. That is not to mention what we would consider an overly intense development and commercialization of that very small land site.”

2 thoughts on “Lake Calhoun Event Center Alert

  1. webmaster Post author

    Park Watch has its concerns about such a structure and will be following this project as it is presented to the public.

  2. Liz Wielinski Post author

    This event center is projected to cost $1.5 million dollars. The Sailing Club is proposing to raise about 10% of the cost. Where is the other 90% going to come from to build this? The MPRB voted during their last meeting to fund “Teen Teamworks” with the balance of their travel and education fund. There is no extra money lying around. Are they planning on delaying the re-do at Jordan Park another few dozen years? I know that during the project discussions this year Commissioner Olson was quick to point out that the dollars for this park have been put on hold often. Is the plan of the board to built a Yacht Club on Lake Calhoun instead of refurbishing a park in one of the cities neediest areas? If not Jordan then who takes the hit? Will it be your wading pool? Will the hours at your rec center be cut? Will we get rid of the folks that mow the lawns and fight Dutch Elm Disease in the trees? Speak to your commissioners now and if their answers are no good speak with your vote at the September primary. This is the year where you can “throw out the bums”.

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