Wednesday evening May 18, the Getting to the Bottom of the Ballot organization ( held its first voter forum at Temple Israel. This is the third year that this organization has used this name as part of their efforts to expand civic engagement and enhance political empowerment. Wednesday’s forum was a well-attended success.

Apparently a few people, including Park Board Commissioner Walt Dziedzic, thought GetBoB was an effort to “get Bob Fine.” GetBoB panelist Vivian Mason took pains to explain to the attendees that this was not the case, and organizer David Weinlick did the same after the meeting to the Minneapolis Issues List.

Park Commissioner Jon Olson left the Park Board meeting early that evening to attend the GetBoB forum as a member of the audience. On numerous occasions he felt it necessary to “correct” panelist statements, and spin them to favor his political viewpoint. Once he went so far as answer an audience question directed at panelist Vivian Mason, before Ms. Mason even had a chance to speak!

Why do Park commissioners Jon Olson and Walt Dziedzic so fear voters becoming educated and the truth being heard?