Request for Identification of Minneapolis Park Watch

To: Minneapolis Park Watch

I’ve just come across your site and am curious who you are. I greatly enjoy the parks and have noted issues from time to time (mostly due to budget constraints). But, I’d like to understand who you are. Your site contains many stories describing duplicity on behalf of the Park Board or various promoters, yet your own site does not identify who you are. I think this site would be more credible and would better serve the public if you could identify who is “Minneapolis Park Watch.” Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Request for Identification of Minneapolis Park Watch

  1. Chris Johnson Post author

    As the mission statement at the top of the front page of this web site now (and has in the past) states: “The Minneapolis Park Watch is an ad-hoc group of park-loving citizens who have concerns about how the Park Board does business.” We have been closely watching the Park Board since late 2003 and reporting here since early 2004.

    I identify myself as a member of that ad-hoc group. There are other members, but I will leave it to them to either identify themselves or not, as they see fit. Because there are on-going concerns about personal safety, threats and attempts at intimidation, it seems inappropriate to say more about other members.

  2. Liz Wielinski Post author

    I feel having posted on this site that I also would qualify as a member. I became interested in the MPRB in 2003 when closing wading pools became an issue for cutting the budget. I started attending Park Board meetings on my own and met other interested park users in the “gallery”. This site and the Minneapolis Issues List were pointed out to me and I have been using both as a place to gather and sometimes post information. Like anything on the internet you should be wary of what is posted. I sign my posts as I feel most anonymous posts are petty at best. Most of the materials posted are links to newspapers and other publications. As in all information the old adage “consider the source” is often a good guide. I also have to say that I complained to the webmaster over what I thought was a truly tasteless anonymous post and it was taken off of the list. Another quaint saying my family likes to use is that “everyone is entitled to my opinion” and that is what you see here. Take it as you will :).

    1. Jonathan O. Scott Post author

      Thanks Chris and Liz. I should clarify my query, I wasn’t asking who the individuals are, I was curious as to who manages the Park Watch web site. I have asked if the manager of the site would be willing to indicate who is running the site, but I don’t believe that will happen. Unfortunately, I can’t participate in a web site nor recommend it where there is secrecy. I think your site serves a useful purpose, but I believe your site would be more credible and better used if the management were known. I can be reached at (612) 252-3330. Thank you.

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