DeLaSalle Supporter Continues Spread of Misinformation

DeLaSalle High School has a plan to construct an athletic field on Park Board land on Nicollet Island, and some of its supporters don’t let facts or truth get in the way of their arguments. The most recent example is Linden Hills resident and DeLaSalle parent Judy Blaseg, who previously appeared at a Park Board meeting and claimed that parents did not know about the plan until approximately mid-February, despite the fact that she and her daughter had both written letters to the Editor of the Star Tribune in January supporting the plan.

On March 27, Ms. Blaseg got another letter published in the Star Tribune, this time implying that the owners of the 43 homes located on Park Board land on the island did not pay any real estate taxes. The facts are contrary; the owners do pay full real estate taxes. This fact was pointed out in an article in the Skyway News. This point is repeated by Prudence Johnson in a letter to the Star Tribune on March 29. Ms. Johnson further points out that there are other residents of the island whose homes and businesses are on land that is not owned by the Park Board — people often ignored by DeLaSalle supporters.