Park Board Meeting

Official agenda documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format are available at this link.

5:00pm Operations & Environment
5:30pm Recreation
5:45pm Administration & Finance
6:00pm Regular

Agenda Items of Note:
* Potential Funding for Dutch Elm Disease Control — Mayor Rybak.
* Tree Advisory Commission Report — Peggy Booth, Chairperson.
* Report on Closing Parkways to Vehicular Traffic.
* Approve draft 2005 Capital Improvement Program (CIP).
* 6:00pm Open Time — Focus of the Park Board
* Fuji Ya Property Sale Update

++ Consent Business:
* Approval of $186,178 expense to renovate the park “Taj Mahal” headquarters building for park police HQ.
* Approve a $59,936 expense for a dual fuel generator.
* Approve a $195,000 expense for new Dell computer equipment.
* Approve a $160,000 4-year contract for maintenance of recreation management computer software.
* Approve an amendment to 2005 internal service fund #6600 appropriation to add $221,471 to existing $846,823 expense.

++ Motions from the Standards & Conduct Committee, Chaired by Carol Kummer:
* Modify board rules regarding Open Time to require signing up by Monday prior to the Wednesday meeting.
* Modify board rules regarding Open Time to move it from 6:00pm to 4:45pm.
* Modify board rules regarding matters directed to the board, requiring them to be filed no later than noon on Monday, a week and 2 days prior to a Wednesday meeting.

++ Change Orders
* Increase Lake of the Isles renovation phase III spending by 33% to $314,063.07.