Park Board Meeting

The official agenda documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format can be found here.

The agenda includes the following items of note:

* The open time speakers are all from Nicollet Island (including Phyllis Kahn).

* Under Intergovernmental Affairs one of the bonding projects on the legislative agenda is the Marina that will not die. Strangely, the online agenda document for this committee does not actually list any of the legislative agenda, even though all of the items are known and could and should be listed. What are they trying to hide? This item is actually listed on the agenda document which was mailed to people who requested it. Why is the website, online version different?

* Approving the termination of the land lease to IsleWest which owns and runs the Nicollet Island Inn, so that they can sell it to a new owner.

* Approving a couple of about 10% increases to existing contracts. One wonders why contracts are repeatedly given to the “lowest responsible bidder” yet the price increases so often after the contract is let and is in progress of being worked on. Do contractors ever come in on budget? Or is this just a way to get the bid?