"This will all be forgotten," says Bob Fine

On December 17, 2003, with gross disrespect for their own process and the public, the big bad five Minneapolis Park Commissioners (Fine, Dzeidzic, Olson, Kummer and Hauser) slipped in an Interim Minneapolis Park Superintendent that hadn’t bothered to apply.
Without any forewarning to Commissioners Berry-Graves, Erwin, Mason and Young; Jon Gurban, Bob Fine’s high school classmate was given the top position in the top rated park system in America. The public was outraged.

Bob Fine was the Park Board President at the time.

The following quote by Park Commissioner Bob Fine is from Doug Grow’s column, “Park board lacking in harmony and decorum” in the Star Tribune 12/30/03.

“In a few months, when the wading pools are full and Porta Potties are in place and there are kids playing in the fields, this will all be forgotten,” Fine said.

How arrogant and condescending is this? How stupid does Bob Fine think his constituents are?

On December 8, Bob Fine and the rest of the big bad five are preparing to override the process and the public once again and renew Jon Gurban’s contract permanently over Cristofer Gears, the obvious selection they should have made. Is Bob Fine right? Are we such fools that we have forgotten?

Bob Fine is counting on public apathy. That is what keeps him in this job. Are we still outraged? Maybe he and the others need a call.

#Call, write or email these Minneapolis Park Commissioners.
Tell them how they should vote for Superintendent.


Jon Olson, President
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
4234 Washburn Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55412
phone 588-0554

Walt Dziedzic, Commissioner
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
2727 Cleveland Street North East
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418
phone 781-4080

Carol Kummer, Commissioner
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
4818 30th Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417
phone 722-0370

Bob Fine, Commissioner
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
3932 York Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410
phone 922-6992

Marie Hauser, Commissioner
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
3307 Portland Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55407
phone 825-8351

1 thought on “"This will all be forgotten," says Bob Fine

  1. Chris Post author

    Though I am disappointed in the hiring of Jon Gurban, I hope for the citizens of Minneapolis that he is not the abomination some of us believe him to be. And I can assure Bob Fine that even with this minor victory I have not been driven away and will continue to be at meetings monitoring and reporting to the public what is being done to keep our system great. You will not be able to spend money on “legacy projects” and “subsidising private business” without people being aware how our tax dollars are spent. I will not willingly give up my wading pool or park supervisors for a parking lot for the TIN FISH. It is citizen involvement that makes our representatives accountable. It is also lack of citizen involvement that makes it possible for unresponsive incumbents to be in office forever. If you are a DFLer, please attend your city caucus this year and become a delegate to the citywide or park-district level where you can vote to endorse someone you wish to have as a commissioner. If fact, whatever your affiliation, get involved and participate. Volunteer hours, give money (even a little goes a long way in a local race) and then vote. We will not get better representation if we don’t make it happen. Good candidates are out there.

    Liz Wielinski
    Northeast Minneapolis

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