Request for Information about the new Park Board headquarters building

At the Wednesday, May 5 meeting, during open time for public comment, Arlene Fried made the following statement:

  1. When the new Park Board building was purchased in 2002, money was borrowed from both the Park Board’s land acquisition fund and the self-insurance fund to help finance the purchase and rehabing of the new building. When and how will the Park Board begin repaying the land acquisition fund and the self-insurance fund for the money borrowed in 2002?
  2. Also, when the building was purchased, it was expected that the lower level would be rented out and generating revenues. I would like to know the following:
    • When will the prospective tenant — Twin Cities Catering — be moving in?
    • When will they begin paying rent?
    • How much rent will they be paying (monthly and over the life of the lease)?
    • How many square feet will they be occupying?
    • How long is their lease?
    • And are there any escape clauses in the lease?