Crown Hydro: FERC Amendment of License

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Reissuance of Notice of Application for Amendment of License and
Soliciting Comments, Motions to Intervene, and Protests

February 26, 2003.
The Commission is re-issuing this notice which was originally
issued on January 22, 2003, because several state and federal agencies
have requested additional time to provide comments or motions to
intervene on the application.
Take notice that the following application has been filed with the
Commission and is available for public inspection:
a. Application Type: Amendment of License to Change Project Design
and Project Boundary Due to Proposed Relocation of Powerhouse.
b. Project No: 11175-016.
c. Date Filed: April 4, 2002.
d. Applicant: Crown Hydro, LLC.
e. Name of Project: Crown Mill.
f. Location: The project is located on the Mississippi River, in
Hennepin County, Minnesota.
g. Filed Pursuant to: Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. 791(a) 825(r),
799 and 801.
h. Applicant Contact: Tom Griffin, Crown Hydro LLC, 5436 Columbus
Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55427, (612) 825-1043.
i. FERC Contact: Any questions on this notice should be addressed
to Mrs. Anumzziatta Purchiaroni at (202) 502-6191, or e-mail address:
j. Deadline for filing comments and or motions: March 18, 2003.
All documents (original and eight copies) should be filed with:
Magalie R. Salas, Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888
First Street, NE., Washington DC 20426. Please include the project
number (P-11175-016) on any comments or motions filed.
k. Description of Request: Crown Hydro LLC (Crown) is proposing a
change in project boundary to relocate the project’s powerhouse, and to
make additional modifications to the project. The project as originally
licensed in 1999 included a powerhouse containing two vertical Kaplan
generating units with a total capacity of 3,400 kW to be located in the
basement of the historic Crown Roller Building on the west side of West
River Parkway. Crown is now proposing to construct a powerhouse
containing two vertical Kaplan generating units with a total capacity
of 3,150 kW, on the east side of the West River Parkway, within the
footprint of the remains of the Holly and Cataract Mill Foundation. The
relocated powerhouse would be designed as an at-grade structure with
two stairwells that would have above ground fencing, located within the
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s property, at the Mill Ruins
Park. Resources affected by this proposed amendment include cultural
and aquatics.

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