The Marina that won't die

Why is it that despite Irwin Jacobs pulling out of the Park Board’s silly idea for building a marina, JADT Development Group’s Riverview Homes development just north of the headquarters building continues to advertise that their buyers will have “access to planned marina?”

The planned marina is to be located on the river directly in front of their headquarters building (on city property, not park property — and at a really bad location river-navigation-wise).

And the marina is still on the Park Board’s legislative agenda — that is, their paid lobbyists continue to twist arms at the state to get bonding for this development. What’s the likelihood the state will come up with bonding for such a project, given the financial mess they’re in, unless some interesting strings get pulled?

4 thoughts on “The Marina that won't die

  1. Anonymous

    150 slip Marina running from riverview supper club to Plymouth Ave. Park Board personnel are still working on this. Also, where is the new excursion boat for Boom Island, where is the boat for Bohemian flats.

  2. Anonymous

    what is the latest concerning this venture? and with Phase I not yet sold out what is the liklihood of Phase II at RiverViewHomes ever being built?

  3. Anonymous

    Does anyone know whats happening with the Riverview Homes & JADT with construction and Kraus Anderson Pullingout?
    Interested in any information available with JADT group and the development. Sounds like Irwin Jacobs is not involved in Marina?
    Thanks for any info

  4. Anonymous

    The following is a post from Dan Nelson of Skipperliner, maybe he could shed some light on Skipperliners long term plans for the MPLS waterfront.Also, Skipperliner has received $500,000 from the Cambell Township Board to help with cash flow shortages.

    Paradise Yacht Charters and SkipperLiner have absolutely no intention of relocating the Paradise Lady to St. Paul. We are very pleased with our first year results in Minneapolis. We are very pleased with the assistance of Mr. Sigglekow and Mr. Buchal from the Minneapolis Park Board. We are very happy to have a long-term lease with the Minneapolis Park Board at Bohemian Flats. We are also very excited to deliver the new Minneapolis Queen to Boom Island next week.

    We have long-term plans and goals for the wonderful Minneapolis waterfront. The Minneapolis Park and Rec. fully understands our intentions, our long-term plans and our desires to provide the ultimate excursion experience along the Minneapolis waterfront.

    We would like to thank the Minneapolis residents, the local merchants, the Chamber, the CBU, the City, the Park Board and the tourists for supporting our state-of-the-art Paradise Lady.

    The Paradise Lady has been put into wet storage. We look forward to the 2005 season at Bohemian Flats. We anticipate the Paradise Lady will begin her 2nd year of opertion on or about April 15th, 2005.

    Have a great holiday season. Please feel free to contact Paradise Yacht Charters for any information regarding the 2005 season. That number is 952-470-8949.

    Daniel Nelson
    SkipperLiner Industries and partner of the Paradise Lady

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